【CD輸入】 Kinks キンクス / Kinda Kinks (New Version)

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ジャンル: ロック
フォーマット: CD
組み枚数: 1
発売日: 2004年04月26日
カタログNo: SMRCD026
発売国: UK
その他: スタジオレコーディング
SKU: 1866638


曲目1.Look For Me Baby / 2.Got My Feet On The Ground / 3.Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl / 4.Naggin' Woman / 5.Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight / 6.Tired Of Waiting For You / 7.Dancing In The Street / 8.Don't Ever Change / 9.Come On Now / 10.So Long / 11.You Shouldn't Be Sad / 12.Something Better Beginning / 13.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy / 14.Who'll Be The Next In Line / 15.Set Me Free / 16.I Need You / 17.See My Friends / 18.Never Met A Girl Like You Before / 19.Wait Till The Summer Comes Along / 20.Such A Shame / 21.A Well Respect