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OZ 125

BWS 125
GTR 125

Cygnus 125 cylinder= GTR 125 (7.36HP) = BWS 125 =5 ML= Aeon OZ 125 (7.77 HP )= Coin 125
The forging piston waste time to produce and need high skill to make,but it can use for a long time and more hard than usually one.
Taida ceramic cylinder is durable than founding cylinder.
Its liner is not steel material but applied a coat made form ceramics by electroplate technology.
Cygnus 125 Oversize Cylinder
Cygnus 125 Original Size:52.4×57.9 (124.8cc)
( Include cylinder body,Piston,Piston ring,Pin,gasket and G ring )
( fit Mio,Nouvo Z,BWS125 use )
YAMAHA Cygnus 125 oversize Cylinder
CYG-01056:Cygnus125 Big bore 56 cylinder (142.6cc)
CYG-01058.5:Cygnus125 Big bore 58.5 cylinder (155.6cc)
Taida’s Cygnus 58.5mm cylinder don’t cut the engine block.
CYG-01059:Cygnus125 Big bore 59 cylinder (158.3cc)
Taida’s Cygnus 59mm cylinder don’t cut the engine block.
CYG-01061:Cygnus125 Big bore 61 cylinder (169.2cc)
CYG-01063.5:Cygnus125 Big bore 63.5 cylinder (183.4cc)
CYG-01065:Cygnus125 Big bore 65 cylinder (192.1cc)
CYG-01066:Cygnus125 Big bore 66 cylinder (198.1cc)
CYG-01067:Cygnus125 Big bore 67 cylinder (204.1cc)
CYG-01069:Cygnus Big bore 69 cylinder (216.5cc)
CYG-01070:Cygnus Big bore 70 cylinder (222.8cc)
CYG-01071:Cygnus Big bore 71 cylinder (229.2cc)
CYG-01072:Cygnus Big bore 72 cylinder (235.7cc)
CYG-01073:Cygnus Big bore 73 cylinder (242.3cc)
CYG-01074:Cygnus Big bore 74 cylinder (249cc)
CYG-01058.5-c:Cygnus 58.5 ceramic Cylinder
CYG-01059-c:Cygnus 59ceramic Cylinder
Motorcycle parts,performance engine,complete engine parts



AL セントラル コントロール 装飾 ダッシュボード パネル フレーム インテリア 適用: BMW X1 F48 2016-2018 2ピース~レッド 2ピース AL-EE-7830